Tuesday, July 7, 2009


hey all, kindly people call me SHAMIL. My life is simple(i dn't thnk so) :( .my life is suck eventhough im such as the quite one. I just want to said,' u must always contact each other of ur friends,and u will understand how is a great friendship will be' not like me oke, I'm always ruin my lyfe, my whole lyfe n everything bout myself////.

to my family~

i love u mom, i love u dad, my siblings- i love u guys.

mybe we can take a time to be together like always...

k.ngah,abg iman,alang,kak ciyk,alya,anis we all know that abah is always busy wit his work rite.

be patient.. huhu :)

MAMA ! huhu..

Mother Lion ,hehe.

Noralaini bt Ismail is a Angel, that will be my place whem im sad to lay on.

she is greattest mom in the world///